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If you love (or struggle with) the process of writing, long to dive deeper into your own creativity, and crave a supportive community as well as the nuts and bolts of a great writing practice, you’ve come to the right place.

You may be just beginning. You may be a published author facing a new project with terror or excitement. You’re welcome here.

I created this weekly newsletter to encourage all of us writers and creators—because I believe in the power of regular practice. If the difference between an amateur and a professional is persistence and 10,000 hours, it all comes down to that practice.

Enjoy this Friday offering in your inbox. Write when you can, as you are. Use the ideas to expand and grow your writing, starting now.

Just like my popular craft book YOUR BOOK STARTS HERE, you’ll find good advice, thought-provoking ideas about writing and creativity in general, and helpful tips to keep you writing. I’ll share my own experiences, interview and link to other writers’ stories, and give you fuel for your writing week, every week.

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